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  • A green building house in Teruel

    By aktua on 28 May, 2015
    Year: 2014 Status: en proyecto Location: Mora de Rubielos, Teruel Design: AKTUA Project: AKTUA Construction: AKTUA Construction manager: AKTUA Energetic certification A, Zero energetic consumes House in the countryside with a holistic study with a healthy and harmonic house as a result. From a site studio we realize a bioclimatic design, that is the beginning for saving energy: the rooms are placed facing south to take profit of the […]

    Bioclimatic House Teruel: Energy Certification A

    By AKTUA on 6 January, 2014
    A bioclimatic and comfortable home

    Bioclimatic House Calomarde

    By AKTUA on 6 January, 2014
    Watchtower and refuge lodging