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Portfolio Categories Architect at Valencia

  • Sustainable apartment renovation in El Carmen, Valencia

    By aktua on 27 May, 2015
    Year: 2014 Status: proyecto Location: El Carmen, Valencia Design: AKTUA Project: AKTUA This apartment that belongs to a building from the sixties in the district El Carmen, Valencia, needs to be reordered and refurbished to adapt its spaces to the actual life of the owner. The proposed materials are natural and its carbon footprint and its life cycle has been studied. The walls are improved […]
  • A sustainable apartment renovation in Cabañal, Valencia

    By aktua on 27 May, 2015
    Year: 2013 Status: project Apartment renovation Location: Cabañal, Valencia Design: AKTUA Project: AKTUA Construction manager: AKTUA Construction works: AKTUA A safe space inside the city. The bio habitability study has been the main point in the moment of making decisions in this apartment renovation. In the geobiological study natural and artificial radiations have been measured in the apartment.  Two mobile phone […]

    Bioclimatic Building Bocharán

    By AKTUA on 6 January, 2014
    It is not a group of flats, it is a community

    Bioclimatic House Valencia

    By AKTUA on 6 January, 2014
    A home around a patio

    Sustainable Refurbishment in Ruzafa, Valencia

    By AKTUA on 6 January, 2014
    A loft in a 1910 building