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Bioclimatic House 45

Year: 2012

Status: concept

Location: Bétera, Valencia

Design: Bioclimatic, AKTUA

Budget: 40,000 €

Energy certificate : A, almost zero consumption,  AKTUA

Single family home and garden. Programme: accessible home for one person in 45m2 with a minimum energy consumptio. The home is conceived on a single floor with a polyvalent area for one or two people with roller partitions between areas.

Bioclimatic home during the winter:  It faces south to obtain a better sunlight. The floor is given inertia in order to keep heat during the winter at nights. Wooden paramets keep the heating energy needed to its minimum or even to zero.

Bioclimatic home during the summer:  The south façade is protected with an envoleé and roller blinds to prevent sunlight entering the home. Crossed ventilation. The west façade has no gaps, but it is protected from the sun with perishable leaves vegetation.