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Bioclimatic House Calomarde

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Year: 2013

Status: on design

Location: Calomarde, Teruel

Design: Bioclimatic, by AKTUA

Energy certification: A, almost zeroconsumption, AKTUA

Watchtower and refuge lodging

Located in the highest are of the village, protected by the mountain, from where the valley can be admired. The aim is to exercise the minimum impact on the building, as far as provide a comfortable accommodation, that is why we opted for a building based on bioconstruction. We started from a bioclimatic design to obtain minimum energy consumption and a pleasant stay. Use of natural materials starting from a wooden structure, clay closures, La elección de materiales naturales partiendo de una estructura en madera, cerramientos de barro, grout mortar from Albarracín and green roof.