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Bioclimatic House Anglewing

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Year: 2012

Status: on project

Location: Soneja, Castellón

Design: Bioclimatic, AKTUA

Project: AKTUA

Energy certification: A, almost zeroconsumption, AKTUA

Single family home and garden

In the middle of  the mountain as if it was an insect, it rests on the landscape not causing any damage.

The home is for a family that lives in a sustainable environment. Therefore a home with the minimum impact on the area is considered.

The daytime zone faces a wood with a water tank that collects rainwater. This water together with the one collected in the green roof cistern, are reused for irrigation.

Thebioclimatic design gives a treatment to each façade protecting them from the sun in summer, letting it through during the winter to benefit from its heat. Doing the same with the wind, letting it through during summer, doing without any cooling system, by means of crossed ventilation inside the home.

A biomass boiler gives the home the heating supply by means of a radiating floor.

Insulation is overdimensioned regarding current legistation to diminish the heating energy consumption according to energy calculations.

All this provided from a geobiologic study of the area.