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Bioclimatic House Castellón 2

Year: 2011

Status: previous studies

Home refurbishment

Project manager: AKTUA

Location: Segorbe, Castellón

Design: AKTUA

Project: AKTUA

Construction manager: AKTUA

Construction works: AKTUA

A garden and a staircase.

The staircase blends with the garden with vegetation covering it up as if looking for the sunlight. The garden, the staircase, the house is a whole. With the design we get ventilations through the home, renewing it. Daylight  is enjoyed by every room.

In this project a bioclimatic design is made for a hom in a site bteween party walls in the historical town centre of Segorbe.

This bioclimatic design allows to do without air-conditioning as well as reduce artificial light energy consumption. Reachind thus the comfort of a detached house rather than the one of a terraced in a town centre.