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Bioclimatic House Teruel: Energy Certification A

Single family house with garden

Year: 2013

Status: under construction

Location: Sarrión, Teruel

Design: AKTUA and architect Raquel Nevot Guillén

Project: AKTUA y architect Raquel Nevot Guillén

Construction management: AKTUA and architect Raquel Nevot Guillén and building engineer Juan García Lorente

Construction works: Paco

 A bioclimatic and comfortable house.

The planning for this home is a home with garage, therefore as such it has been defined volumetrically. The home is contained in a two floors volume and the garage in a one floor one, both linked by an axis articulated by a patio and a greenhouse.

The bioclimatic design makes the house face its rooms to the south where the patio collects the heat and through the greenhouse it is transmitted indoors.

How does a greenhouse work in a bioclimatic house?

The greenhouse must face south and its enclosures must be glassmade. Because of the greenhouse effect, heat comes in, but the infrared beams are unable to escape, increasing the temperature of the room. During the summer the greenhouse may be opened, and acts a sun protector for the house.

The green roof and the cistern create an area on the roof to be used. It increases insulation and provides the garden with rainwater.

The heating system consist of a biomass boiler with radiating floor.