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Bioclimatic House Serra. Energy certification A.

Year: 2009

Status: completed

Single family home and garden

Location: Serra, Valencia

Design: Bioclimatic, AKTUA

Project: AKTUA

Energy certification: A, almost zero consumption, AKTUA

Project management: AKTUA

Construction management: AKTUA

Quality profile under project by the Instituto Valenciano de la Vivienda

A holiday home to enjoy during the whole year, where you can disconnect fromt the stressful city everyday.

With the programme described, we start from a bioclimatic design. The home is directed to the south inside the plot, both the rooms and its opening. In the north of the house the servie equipments are palced, such as the garage, the kitchen, or the bathrooms.

The southern gaps are bigger than the notherns and are protected from the sun during the summer.

Crossed ventilation is procured to the home, both from north to south and from the lower floor to the upper floor, thus making the hot air come out during the summer.

The green roof and the cistern create an area on the roof to be used. It increases insulation and provides the garden with rainwater.

The heating system is an alternate air-water one with high performace radiating floor with assitance of solar panels, so energy consumption is kept to a minimum.