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Bioclimatic House Tetris

Year: 2010

Status: planning

Single family home

Location: Navajas, Castellón

Design: Bioclimatic, AKTUA

Programme: two bedrooms home – 65 m2

Budget: 55.000 €

How did we design it?

The home planning is divided in two, the daylife area and the nightlife area. The rooms face south, leaving the north for storage.

A living outdoors area is created in the south with a pergola that protects the house Tetris from sunlight, and another outdoors area for the hot summer days.

To lower the budget we propose to do without the unnecesary, such as the false ceiling, propsoing instead a slab of joists and curved blocks at the sight, allocating thus, more funding to insulation, enclosures, and roofs.