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Bioclimatic House Valencia

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Year: 2011

Status: previous studies

Home refurbishment

Location: Valencia

Design: AKTUA

 A home around a patio

The owner’s intention was the complete demolition of the existing building to build a new one.

AKTUA makes a positive evaluation of the existing home, which is a Valencian traditional building with masonry walls and mortar, wooden thatched roof with clay tiles.

The status of both the structure and the wooden roof is good,thus we decide to keep the main building and create a new one at the back of the patio following the local urban regulations.

With this decision the budget is reduced at 30% and we obtain a home with every contemporary need covered, but with traditional and natural materials, which give a healthy living style.

The patio acts the articulator of the home giving all its benefits both in heating and natural ventilation.

All this is complemented with a biohability study and feng shui techniques.