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Green lodgings

Year: 2013

Status: on design

Location: Castellnovo, Castellón

Design: Bioclimatic, AKTUA

Project: AKTUA

Energy certification: A, almost zero consumption, AKTUA

Project management: AKTUA

Construction management: AKTUA

Green rural lodgings: 3 units + outdoor areas – expandable to 5 units + ecologic garden

The green lodging project consists on complete an existing building and several agricultural services with five lodgings aiming to create an interest on green farming, therefore by means of rental or concession they are given a single use but sharing all the common green facilities.

The initial programme is only two lodging units and a whole appartment for two people, with a later expansion, making this last into three more independent units. Therefore the whole would constist of 5 units with bedroom, bathroom, living room, sharing the common areas of kitchen, wood oven, dining room, and living room with fireplace.