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Bioclimatic Building Bocharán

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Year: 2011

Status: previous studies

Block of 24 bioclimatic homes

Project manager: AKTUA

Location: Cheste, Valencia

Design: Bioclimático, por AKTUA

Project: AKTUA

Energy certification: A, almost zero consumption, AKTUA

Construction manager: AKTUA

Construction works: AKTUA

 It is not a group of flats, it is a community.

The homes are set with common areas to share resources.

In the basement a garage and a garden, on the roof a covered multipurpose area.

The façades are treated according to their orientation with a bioclimatic design.

Every home are distributed towards the façade or the inner patio, achieving thus, crossed ventilation. Given the weather conditions, air-conditioning won’t be needed.

Our choice of materials would be natural ones, which is not common in block of flats or in heat accumulation systems suchs as green roofs and cisterns.

All this makes a healthy home with very low energy consumption.