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Sustainable Refurbishment in Ruzafa, Valencia

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Year: 2013

Status: completed

Apartment refurbishment

Location: Ruzafa, Valencia

Design: AKTUA

Project: AKTUA

Construction management: AKTUA

Construction works: AKTUA

A loft in a 1910 building.

This work transforms this last century appartment into a contemporary one with every need covered.

The daylife area faces outdoors creating a single space with dinning room, living room and kitchen, the bedrooms face the backyard patio to protect them from the street noise.

The appartment gets heat and acoustic insulation and some old brick enclosurs are left at sight, getting an industrial loft look.

These brick walls are repaired with Keracoll mortar not to have an influence in the hygroscopic characteristics of the traditional materials, and therefore not to damage them and create a more comfortable environment.

In the design of the home and its decoration feng shui criteria have been observed.