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Building rehabilitation Casa Abadia, Valencia

Year: 2013

Status: in process

Restoration of a building- built up in 1800

Location: San Vicente Rd, Valencia

Design:  architect Manuel de Leyva and architect Álvaro Gómez

Project: architect Manuel de Leyva and architect Álvaro Gómez

Energy certification: B,  AKTUA

Construction management: AKTUA

 How have we carried out the restoration works at Casa Abadia?

AKTUA participates in the energy restoration of the building Casa Abadía as construction manager and within the enegru restoration. With high efficiency air conditioning systems we get an A certification, with almost zero consumption, but balancing investment and amortization a certification B was chosen, taking into account that the original building was rated E, therefore the improvement has been significant.

In the restoration bioconsgruction materials have been used to porduce the lower impact in the already existing elements. e.g.We have been using Keracoll mortar to repair the existing bricks of the walls at Casa Abadia..