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Energy Rehabilitation Casa Torres

Year: 2012

Status: completed

Location: Segorbe, Castellón

Design: Bioclimatic, AKTUA

Project: AKTUA

Construction management: AKTUA

Construction works: AKTUA

Roof, gardening and fencing of a single family house

The basic aim of the restoration of the roof is to increase the home insulation, and create by means of the chimney effect, a current of air that allows to evacuate the hot air of the house during the summer and lower indoors temperature.

The system used is prefabricated “losa filtrón” roofing tiles, which ,in case of need of some repair, can be disassembled, and can even be recycled in any case. Furthermore it doesn’t needany maintenance.

In the garden the entrances have been paved and the rest has been covered with gravel to prevent weeds from growing and keep the humidity of the ground.