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Architects Castellón: urbanism forum

Castellón City Council has launched a digital publication FORUMS CASTELLÓN PLANNING OF THE CENTURY XXI. BUILDING THE FUTURE , resulting from the synthesis of the celebration of the forum , six meetings have been developed over the first half of 2013 that focused on the goals of city from the guidelines established by the Valencian Town Planning Law. Different active groups of population of the city participated,   such as the Territorial College of Architects of Castellón, Friends of the Nature of Castelló, Illustre Economists Association Castellón, scold Community , Neighborhood Associations, Association of Industrial Engineers of Castellón, Group for the Study and Conservation of Natural Areas , Spanish Confederation of People with Physical and Organic Federation of Civic Associations, Consumers and Users and many more.

This initiative by the municipality of Castellon is very important to make a dynamic city management in which the inhabitants take part and the city is adapted to their necessities.  At the time of planning for the future growth of Castellón participation of all parts makes that different points of view are taken into account and has a full view of the city.


Various forums were held each focusing on a specific theme : Tech Forum, Forum Strategic Infrastructure, Economic Revitalization Forum , Forum for Quality of Life and Sustainability Forum

Highlight as green city Castellón :it  is the sixth city of Spain in green square meters per capita.

Citizen proposals :

  • consolidate and add value to the network of green areas, natural infrastructure and biodiversity
  • create a green ring to help to improve the integration of the city with the environment
  • A strategic environmental assessment that includes added value bet for a city integrated with nature
  • Encourage a study of the landscape around the town, open to public exhibition
  • Promote a legislation and planning of the environmental management and better control over discharges and emissions
  • expand and protect the coastal park
  • protect the hydraulic heritage , in order to preserve the legacy of our ancestors, who took extraordinarily advantage of  water resources
  • study the consumption of water, energy and waste to implement measures of improvement
  • implement energy efficiency criteria to get more of our resources
  • study pollution of air, soil and water, with special analysis of the state of the aquifers in La Plana

We hope this is only the first post in the blog and tell you more information about the progress and outcome of these initiatives.



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