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Architecture Studio

The studio of architecture AKTUA

Within AKTUA the architectural department that works with the construction team in carrying out bio-sustainable construction projects.

Specialized in green building projects, bioclimatic architecture and energy efficient buildings with modern and functional design adapted to today’s society.

With this type of architecture we pretend to construct buildings that have a positive influence on its inhabitants and minimize the impacts that the building has in the process of nature.

AKTUA offers housing, works both new builidings and refurbishment, renovations and restorations, conducted by a team of professionals working together with common goals, involved in all phases of the construction process. From advice on the purchase of the site, design, architectural project, budget, execution of work with personnel and facilities available, to interior design.

Architecture Studio AKTUA, Where are we?

We conduct our projects in our natural habitat: Valencia , Castellón , Teruel and Alicante.