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Architect in Alicante

AKTUA, your architect in Alicante

Within AKTUA, the architecture studio is a department that works with the entire construction team in carrying out bio-sustainable construction projects in Alicante.

AKTUA is working on several projects in Alicante post here soon.

In these projects the architectural firm of AKTUA adapted housing to the site and its climate, focusing passive bioclimatic design measures to protect the home of high summer temperatures and humidity in areas close to the sea.

In winter, the architecture studio AKTUA, by a bioclimatic architecture, will use the most of the sun’s heat to get a self-sufficient house in terms of heating and hot water in Alicante as favorable microclimate.

AKTUA, carries out architecture and construction of new buildings in Alicante, new housing and renovations of houses and commercial spaces with all the legal documentation and management you need to open a business.

As project management we make the counseling in the purchase of a plot, land, house or space for your business so that you can make a good investment and avoid bad experiences.

AKTUA, can also study the energy efficiency of your building and help you to reduce energy consumptions with an estimate of your investment.

With AKTUA team you are always going to have a personalized design, high quality materials and know the final price of your investment.

We can also inform our clients and manage the subsidies available in each case.

Purchase counseling of houses and plots, project management, energy efficiency studios, estimate of all the works before starting any refurbishment in the building or a new building.