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Since 2011, the campus of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation rises in Seattle. It is a building built following all standards of sustainable architecture.

The fundamental premise of Bill Gates to build his foundation was that the building would respect the spirit of Seattle, city committed to energy saving and sustainable architecture.

During its construction  the 97% of the debris that were generated in the demolition of the old parking were recycled .

The 20% of the campus was built with recycled and / or materials produced in the region .

The green roofs and the use of advanced plumbing systems , currently reduced by 80 % the use of potable water.

The narrow dimension of the building to enhance natural light, views and indoor climate , HVAC air cooled and high energy efficiency are some of the defining characteristics of the building sustainable architecture .

Going green is one of the best causes. One of the most intelligent and powerful people in the world knows firsthand. Follow his example .


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