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Bioclimatic house Valencia: cooler in the summer



In a bioclimatic house there are ventilation strategies that will diminish the heat in your home. In this season the sun is highest in the sky and a large part of its rays do not reflect but penetrate the surfaces that affect, such as windows that are the direct means of connection between the interior and exterior of your bioclimatic house, so we must know the best times to open or close them.


In Spain the sun rises from the east a few degrees to southeast, then for its rays do not penetrate the interior of the bioclimatic house, in the morning on the east and south facades is appropriate to maintain open the awnings or closed the blinds. But whenever possible, windows should stay open because the ventilation in this case is a positive factor for cooling, especially by the air that has lower temperatures during this time cause it was cooled over the night.

In the afternoon, on the contrary, the bioclimatic house must close the blinds or open the awnings on facades facing west and south. If there are more windows high placed on a wall it is advisable to leave them permanently open, because as the hot air rises for being less dense than cold air and tends to escape through this window.

Another strategy is to let the bioclimatic house bathroom windows always open. Bathrooms are very humid and need to breathe the maximum to avoid bacterial and fungi proliferate, further that helps a lot with cross ventilation, which will also be favored by the opening of the windows on the north facade. The windows on the north side will never have the direct sun angle, and can be kept always open.


Cross ventilation is a feature of a bioclimatic house design. This type of ventilation promotes a great renewal of indoor air, thus enters in larger amount and speeder besides covering several rooms before departing.

At night, when the house is cooling of the entire heat accumulated during the day, it is recommended to open all the windows and let the air flow freely, changing the hot indoor air with fresh air. During daylight hours, better bioclimatic house close any air inlet from outside.


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