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Bioconstruction and natural cosmetic in Matarraña

This weekend we met Matarrania, bio cosmetic olive oil, thanks to its developer, Evelyn Celma, the region of Matarrana . Its vegetation, its way of building and eco cosmetic recipes . In the end it is all one, the natural life .

Examples of bioconstruction, can be found everywhere: stone walls, wooden structures and joinery, lime mortar, wood heating . Buildings with high thermal inertia which with little energy inputs reach temperatures of comfort. It is an area which has preserved the traditional construction greatly.

In the cottage Mas de la Serra of Cogolla has been preserved vernacular architecture in most of its elements. Creating a friendly place and integrated into the landscape to enjoy a few days in the middle of nature.

Matarrania organizes very practical workshops of natural cosmetics, both professionally and user level. It has been a very enriching experience that has allowed me to meet many natural elements and concepts of plant and simultaneously, a, very professional and lovely people with slow life values??. Until next time!




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