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Bioconstruction in Alicante, Mercat de la Terra

Congratulations to AgricologiA by the first week of bioconstruction in La Marina, Alicante.

Multiple activities around the bioconstruction on Thursday and Friday were held, ending with the Mercat de la Terra, where many examples of bioconstruction were shown.

Building with straw, reeds, recovered pallets, natural clay and reuse of plastic bottles. The kids enjoyed with the construction tools and mud and recovered bottles.

The market also had positions of natural products, handicrafts, ecologic agriculture, food and plants. An important detail we saw in a post informing bakery distance they had covered their products to get there.








Geobiology, as an essencial part of bioconstruction, was also present with the group of Gaiatree, with an interesting project about the armony of spaces.

Congratulations to everybody for the important work you are making. We left you some images here of the event:












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