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Bioconstruction in Valencia

What does bioconstruction mean?




The bioconstruction is based on the holistic relationship between human beings and their built environment .

The main purpose of the bioconstruction is not to affect the health of the inhabitants of this type of construction .

The bioconstruction includes many types of environmentally friendly concepts , green building , bioclimatic architecture , energy efficient buildings, but the concept is all-encompassing and also results in a healthy home .

why bioconstruction?

Human beings need to regain their balance with the planet, we have separated ourselves from natural life and have exploited the earth’s resources as if they were inexhaustible.

Materials which meet the criteria of bioconstruction ?

Just natural and autochthonous materials of the area where we live, always valuing their prices.

Natural insulation , cork, wood fibers , cellulose, wool sheep; structures and wood paneling; ceramic elements ( uncooked if possible) , flooring , tiles , factories load facades ;

An example of bioconstruction in Valencia can be seen in our  sustainable reform of our loft in Ruzafa .

We used lime mortars for the repair of existing ceramic brick walls, woodworks reproducing existing windows and natural wood flooring .

Here you have some images of the loft: http://aktua.net/en/?portfolio=reforma-sostenible-ruzafa



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