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Feng Shui

The Feng Shui, the ancient technique of ancient China, helps us to restore the balance of natural energies of the earth distorted by human interventions along civilizations. Feng Shui can be applied to your home or workplace : it is properly distributed spaces and objects to produce a flow of natural energy that makes you feel comfortable.

The Feng Shui is the technique applied to studies of geobiology and biohabitability. From AKTUA we can help you build or refurbish your home considering the ancient tradition of Feng Shui, so that the space where you live would be as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Some important aspects of Feng Shui when building or reforming a property :

  • The choice of the location of the rooms in the home according to feng shui guidelines for new development. In a refurbishment we can correct them with the furniture and decoration of spaces.
  • Forms for new buildings
  • We can design your home adapted to  feng shui pakua.

AKTUA works with feng shui

Sustainable refusbishment in Ruzafa, Valencia


Other works with feng shui: