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 In AKTUA we are experts on geobiology: we follow a specific construction methodology and we refurbish the spaces with the aim of improving the health conditions of inhabitants. We take into account the geobiological distortions of the place improving them to get a better life quality.

Geobiology: healthy houses.

A healthy house is the one which does not have geopathogenic alterations.

The geobiology studies the influence of the natural radiations of the materials that conform the land crust together with the land discontinuities and water streams.

Besides these natural radiations, AKTUA studies the artificial radiations in the home, some of which could be the following: high levels of static electricity, electric fields of high voltage, high levels of high frequency radiation ( anthens of mobile phones) and electromagnetic fields.

From AKTUA, we project and execute new constructions and refurbishments taking into account their geobiology. We build healthy houses where a family can live without damaging elements around.

Geobiology and biohabitability.

In AKTUA we are constantly researching and training ourselves in Biohabitability and Geobiology to keep on creating healthier and more pleasant homes. Geobiology defends the thesis that human beings not only live of what they eat or breath, but there are also many other radiations and energies tha have an influence on their life quality.