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New buildings

Houses can be built in many ways. AKTUA is your construction and architecture team specialized in bioconstruction and new building.
If you want to live in a house built with bio-sustainable criteria , please contact us .

How we can help on a new building project ?

Any answer that can be given to this question is our work, our profession and everything we can offer to you.

We manage with integrity throughout the process of a new building project, from architectural design to execution of the work, with material means and own labor. Always based on bio-sustainable criteria.
The process to follow is not to take anything for granted . Elections in the design, and the materials are taken from the research AKTUA is exercising in the field of sustainable construction and study of each particular case.

  • Everything goes to court to get a functional architecture of the XXI century, careful investment and encouraging energy conservation.
  • In choosing building materials precasted, ecological origin and maintenance is valued finishes .
  • Finally AKTUA studies the different HVAC systems, evaluating investment versus consumption, deciding the optimal solution.

With the study AKTUA’s team deliver to the customer a closed budget before starting the execution of the new work with a deadline schedule.

We can manage with integrity throughout the process of a new development project, providing a single contact that will give you answers and feed back of all project phases. We can be the Project Manager of your new building.

We can propose improvements of sustainable and bioclimatic architecture of your project already completed, improving the energy rating and reducing their consumption as we are specialized on sustainable architecture and engineering .

New buidlings:  family Houses and Villas

If you want to carry out the house you’ve always wanted, count on us . By dedicating ourselves to green building and sustainable architecture, you can have the assurance that your home will end up being a healthy, energy efficient home.

AKTUA gives you detailed budgets and closed with deadlines and a single project coordinator. This makes the process easy and orderly manner without interruption of time limits or changes in the budget.

New buildings: residential buildings

We can also apply these concepts that are demanded currently by society, bringing added value to buildings of new construction.

AKTUA works of new buildings:

Bioclimatic house Serra, Valencia