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Count on AKTUA for the refurbishment and renovation of your house.
AKTUA is your construction and architecture team specialized in bio-sustainable buildings and refurbishments. If you want to live in a house built with bio-sustainable criteria, please contact us .

AKTUA refurbishments

These works dealt with sustainability criteria are comprehensive refurbishments in existing buildings, chalets and villas.
AKTUA studies your ideas and make a proposal for the design of the new spaces and materials adapted to your budget. A closed budget and deadlines without surprises.

AKTUA offers a unique project coordinator who makes this easy to develop in an orderly manner and without interruption of time limits or changes in the budget.

How can AKTUA help me with my house refurbishment?

AKTUA refurbishes as your company specialized in bio-sustainable building can handle:

  • A redistribution of the spaces based on previous studies of feng shui and geobiology, as well as building orientation, ventilation and noise.
  • A choice of natural materials, both for insulation and finishing, and facilities with which to achieve a comfortable and healthy home.
  • An energy study is necessary to invest in housing insulation and the air conditioning for a cost savings based on the repayment of principal invested.

Refurbishments with an added value

Every day we work with a methodology governed by the containment of investment, adjusted deadlines, quality, design , and especially total customer satisfaction. We understand our intervention in any building project as an opportunity to provide sustainable criteria, design, quality and rigor in the construction process.

AKTUA works in refurbishment:

Sustainable refurbishment in Ruzafa, Valencia


Other works: