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Cabanyal housing rehabilitation: transitional planning regulations

AKTUA is doing housing rehabilitation interventions in Cabañal-Cañameral district of the city of Valencia. The work of rehabilitation on the buildings consist of repair of damp from the ground, a common pathology in Valencia, housing and commercial reform and rehabilitation of  facades, returning to the traditional state of Cabanyal’s initial architectural and improving energy efficiency.

A few days ago it was repealed the Special Plan of Protection and Interior Reform Cabanyal-Canyamelar (Pepri). The new government wants to maintain and rehabilitate Cabanyal. The battle has been won by the residents of this district in Valencia. For that a new urban plan that will respect the neighborhood and promote sustainable development was drawn up.

Through a design competition the population is allowed being a participant in this change.

The transitional planning rules still must be approved and some of the urban  measures changed and do not concern to the current plan anymore, also changing as regards to the general plan of 1988.



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