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How transforming a house into self-sufficient

Currently acquiring a second-hand house has become a good inversion, we believe the market has bottomed in such type of property and can make a good investment in a product like this.

A detached house has the ideal characteristics to become self-sufficient.

A self-sufficient housing with a puntual investment, allows you to live off and forget to energy companies bills every month.

The first step is to apply passive measures to reduce the available energy from the house:

  • Increase the heat insulation of the envelope (walls and roofs)
  • Replace windows and doors for others with lower thermal transmittance
  • Solar control mechanisms and the installation of a greenhouse in the right directions

We solve the energy supply through:

  • Photovoltaic solar panels for electricity (lighting, sockets)
  • Possible combination with wind energy
  • Solar thermal panels for hot water (bathrooms, kitchen) and heating
  • Pellet burning hot water

Consumables must be energy efficient to lower energy consumption:

  • LED lighting, solar maximum contribution
  • High efficiency appliances
  • Efficient air conditioning system





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