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Energetic Rating Valencia

From the 1st of June , homes for sale or rent must have an energy certificate , approved by Royal Decree on 5 April in the draft Reform Act rehabilitation. This certificate will specify a scale of seven letters from A to G, the level of CO2 emissions of the house compared to the dimensions of the building.
Thus, it is intended that the buyer or tenant to ” assess and compare the energy efficiency as an added factor for making decisions to buy or rent .”

 These certifications must be registered in an official register in Valencia . In other communities there is no such record.
Also from the January 16, 2014 entered into force the law that the registration fee of building energy certificates approved.
These registration fees are set at the following amounts:

Individual housing within a block 10 €
Single Family : 10 €
Residential Buildings : 20 € + 3 € / housing ( with a maximum of 400 € )
Tertiary Sector : 50 € + 0.10 € / m2 ( with a maximum of 1,500 € ) .
The collection rate is integrated in the registration procedure , and is performed at the time of validation of registration by the same manager .

For more information check the website for energy certification of buildings in Valencia : http://gcee.aven.es or www.aktua.net

Here is an example of an energy certificate



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