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Energetic Efficiency

A building’s energetic efficiency is based on the decreasement of energy consumption. In AKTUA we are aware of the importance of energetic efficiency and it’s present in all our projects. We are worried about the energetic saving, reduce costs and promote sustainability.

A building’s energetic efficieny provides a decreasement in the consumtion of the planet’s natural resources.

Energetic Efficiency: Energetic refurbishment.

In AKTUA we are in charge of the thermal insulation’s improvement and roof weatherization with the aim of improving the energetic productivity in every building.

We offer you all our knowledge and we adapt ourselves to your home, so as to provide an efficient energetic refurbishment.

Energetic Efficiency: New construction

If you want to develop the project of new construction that you have always dreamt of, contact us. As we deal with bioclimatic and sustainable architechture, you will have the guarantee that your home will end being energetically efficient and will contribute to the environment.

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