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Energetic studies: how to save heating

The energetic efficiency is based on the reduction of energy’s consumtion. In AKTUA we are aware of the importance of saving heating and that is why this issue is present in all our projects. We are concerned about both the energetic saving, costs reduction and the promotion of sustainability in all the houses.

Energetic studies: how to save heating.

In order to save heating we can make use of construction improvements such as the following:

  • insulation increasement.
  • Tanks.
  • Vegetal covers.
  • Special systems of climate control.
  • Complements of thermal solar plates to provide water, both for sanitary hot water and heating by under floor heating.
  • Study of space orientation and façade’s design.
  • Election of the house’s materials.

According to your house’s features, we can make you save heating thanks to an intelligent bioclimatic design. A very profitable investment, that will allow you to save in bills and to have a much more comfortable house.

Project example: how to save heating.



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