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Feng shui in modern architecture: house in Valencia

Feng shui is an ancient technique of ancient China that helps us to restore the balance of natural energies of the earth distorted by man along civilizations.

Feng Shui creates a balance of everything: shapes, colors, elements, … at all scales, from the city, housing, a stay or an object. Each element that makes up the whole must be in balance.

Feng shui was used in ancient China at the time of placing the cities according to the valleys, mountains and rivers. The Forbidden City in Beijing is the largest building built in the art of feng shui.



How can we apply feng shui in architecture today ?

  • The location of a building in the landscape with respect to natural elements, roads, streets and buildings that exist around
  • In the form of a building and its rooms
  • In the colors and materials of each space

Designing our space depending on feng shui achieve harmonization and balance around us , which influence us positively. As  negative aspects affect us if we are surrounded by traffic, noise and stress, life in a balanced environment will be beneficial to our wellbeing.

Here we show an example of how we have applied feng shui in a house in Valencia : according to the orientation of the house we put the pakua choosing the colors and materials enhancers each sector of the pakua. Pakua sectors that are not occupied by housing have been reinforced with elements of the sector in each of the other sectors, to prevent the lack of it and thus achieve balance.





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