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Healthy houses Valencia: geobiology

Geobiology is part of green building and healthy home.
Geobiology is the science that studies the influence of radiation of the terrestrial crust in the individual.

In our projects AKTUA studies the radiation that exists in a place to check if it is suitable for the location of a home and distribute its stays. Our prospector of the GEA association, measures the natural radiation as  hartmann lines, Curry lines, groundwater and soil discontinuities. With that the plans are drawn and the locations of the rooms are studied.

To locate a home you consider no place in a discontinuity on the ground or waterways. Beds Northbound and geopathogenic points are avoided in places for long stay .

We also measured the artificial radiation such as electromagnetic fields of housing facilities and the level of contamination of mobile phone waves.

In new construction electrical installations are designed to reduce the fields created by controlling the distribution lines, disconnections or bioswitch and connection to earth, among other measures.

For high frequencies, such as telephony radiation, the recommendation is to place the bedrooms in the most remote areas of potential emission source antenna. There are paintings and fabrics for curtains to shield these waves.

As radiation that live with us and that the user has to avoid as being harmful to health are the wireless, microwave and wireless devices .

The radioactivity of building materials to be used for housing and natural radioactivity terrain is also measured .
With these measures and other criteria of green homes it gets a healthy house.



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