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Kids and green buildings

With the arrival of babies to the family one asks what will be the best possible environment for their children.
Babies are the most sensitive part of the population, the early years of  a humans being are the most important for the development of our body so we must prepare a suitable environment for him.
The homes, kindergartens and schools are places where children spend more time and should be healthy places that do not affect the health and development of the most vulnerable such as children organisms.

The bio architecture plays a beneficial role for these places, because if we follow its criteria for infants rooms and classrooms in a school get healthy spaces that do not pollute the inhabitants.

The choice of coatings in a baby’s room and a study of radiation are essential things for a healthy environment. The choice of a suitable paint and a biocompatible electrical installation, among other things, will help you have a healthy interior space in your home.
There are growing social movements against WIFI in schools because of their damages, increasingly known in people, and especially children. SCHOOLS WITHOUT WIFI

At home when we do not need the WiFi we should switch it off, like when we do not need a lamp we turned it off. If  WIFI does not affect you, your neighbors does. Some effects depend on the sensitivity of each person.





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