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Multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome MCS

The symptoms of multiple chemical sensitivity or chemical sensitivity , MCS syndrome are many and difficult to detect : loss of concentration and memory , fatigue , loss of balance , conjunctivitis , shortness of breath , poor digestive function , tachycardia , .. .

The multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome is a loss of tolerance to toxic elements that are around us .

These are varied toxic paints, dyes , cosmetics , pesticides, household cleaning products , electromagnetic waves, petroleum products , preservatives, …

The number of medical specialists in multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome is increasing  who diagnose the disease and give the respective treatments by patient .

The buildings executed according to the criteria of bioconstruction are suitable for people affected by multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome. First of all the place of location is studied free of artificial radiation , such as radiation from mobile phone antennas and electromagnetic fields, and natural radiation and streams. Then the materials and construction systems are natural and free of any toxic . So it does not affect the health of its inhabitants.

ASQUIFIDE Spanish state association is affected by syndromes of multiple chemical sensitivity , chronic fatigue , fibromyalgia syndrome and other environmental diseases . In your web page www.asquifyde.es has a guide to environmental control very interesting technical criteria.




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