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Project Manager: construction

Project Manager: Construction

AKTUA carries out the whole management of the construction process.

We can manage the whole process of a construction providing an interlocutor who will give you answers and feedback on the different parts of the project.

Project Manager: Construction

We asses and manage your project since the site and building purchase until the delivery of the premises, providing an extra value to each of the parts of the process, reducing risks ans increasing profitability.

  • we help you with the choice of the property for your investment.
  • We provide a viability study
  • We deal with every legal and administrative processing.
  • We gather every involved professional providing you with feedback and just one interlocutor.
  • We deal with financing.
  • We adjust and guarantee installments and costs of the project.
  • We look for investors.
  • We get the customer’s satisfaction.

What is a Construction Project Manager ?

A `project manager is the figure who thanks to acquired aptitudes, attitudes and professional experience, is able to both recognise the risks that affect directly to the  success probabilities of the project, and measure constantly such risk formally and informally throughout the life cycle of the project.

Most of the problems that affect a project are related in one way or another to a risk. A good construction project manager can reduce the risks significantly, often by means of an open communication policy, making sure that every significant participant has a chance to express opinions and concerns.

A Construction Project Manager is responsible for making the necessary decissions controlling risks and reducing uncertainty to the minimumt. Every decission made by the project leader must involve a direct benefit for the project.