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Refurbishment in Valencia: leveling crosshairs

As we are finishing a sustainable refurbishment in Valencia, we would like to talk about the technique of installing the pavement.

The system consists of the crimping pliers, wherein the thickness of the tile is indicated and the torque is set to this thickness. The bases which are placed below the pieces can be 1, 2 or 3 mm non-reusable and wedges, which are reusable.

For the implementation of the pavement in the refurbishment in Valencia we used self-leveling spreaders to ensure flatness between tiles and avoiding known “eyebrows” (mini steps) resulting from poor placement.

This system is highly recommended for:

  • Flooring and cladding with minimum joint
  • Large format ceramic flooring
  • Flooring and cladding rectified
  • Tiles with reduced thickness. (There is additional support for tiles of up to 4 mm thick)

Aspects bio:

  • the mortar used tail, Special Eco Kerakoll, has been formulated with regional minerals with low emissions of greenhouse gases from transport and recyclable mineral aggregate coo to avoid the costs of waste disposal and environmental impact
  • the toilet tank of the bath has dual flush
  • faucets have cold opening with aireators

We show you some images of the process, as the works are not finished yet.





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