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Rehabilitation of buildings in Valencia

AKTUA is making rehabilitation works in Valencia as you can see in our latest projects in the residential building of Casa Abadia in Valencia or a sustainable housing refusbishment in Ruzafa , Valencia .

In them, the common denominator is energy saving and green building criteria .

Energy savings:

About the energy saving, in the rehabilitation works, by previous calculations of the thickness of the thermal insulation both for façades and roofs, as well as glass and woodwork on the windows are determined to achieve savings in heating and air conditioning. Taking into account the energy losses of the elements and the transmittance of the items the return on investment is studied.

Air conditioning systems and domestic hot water systems rehabilitation are highly energy efficient, with significant savings in the consumption of users every month.


In the treatment of the elements to rehabilitate green building criteria are chosen, such as wood treatments on existing buildings structures to rehabilitate or repair of walls with lime mortar.

Insulation materials on the facades in energy renovations natural and ecological materials such as wood fiber, natural cork or cellulose are chosen .

The interior finishes of the buildings are free of toxins such as paints, materials for flooring and wall covering creating healthy interiors that do not adversely affect the health of its inhabitants.







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