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Smart Cities in Spain

What is a Smart City?

How any city becomes a smart city ?

Generally speaking, a city is smart when its development is sustainable through social investment and the use of new technologies where power has advanced facilities and where architectural solutions are at the service of the community and are managed carefully to natural resources, and when, in its development, the main characters are involved, the citizens, but the government managed, with a mandate to create and provide new and more efficient services. The result? A place where life is better .

Malaga is one of the models in the new city that works in our country. With your project SmartCity Malaga, through measures such as the implementation in public buildings energy storage systems for solar panels for later use in the air conditioning of buildings, street lighting and electrical transport is increasing energy efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions and increasing the use of renewable energies. In 2013, this resulted in a saving of eight million euros in electricity bills. Vitoria, Valladolid and Palencia are other examples.



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