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Sustainable Architecture


If you need a company expert on Sustainable Architecture, AKTUA is your option. Our designs are based on a fundamental value: to provide a better life quality.

 How can we get a Sustainable Architecture?

Sustainable Architecture searches to optimize natural resources and building systems to minimize the environmental impact of a building upon the environment and its inhabitants.

Sustainable architecture is based on the balance between environment, economy and society.

The election and study of the site and its orientation, the bioclimatic design, the integration of gardening and building, an advance towards prefabrication, a study of the building’s energetic consumption, as well as an election of materials based on bioconstruction criteria, are elements that help us to create this type of Sustainable Architecture’s designs. To increase insulations and add alternative energy installations to get hot water or air conditioning will improve the efficiency of any building and will make it much more sustainable.

 AKTUA Sustainable Architecture.

Either if you want to refurbish your house or if you want to build a new one, from AKTUA we can be in charge of all the process of conception, development, projection and construction.

Trust us as experts on Sustainable Architecture.

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b. Bioclimatic houses

c. Sustainable houses

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