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Bioclimatic houses

When designing and building a house, AKTUA takes into account both the needs of its customers and the environmental impact of future construction. Therefore, we have become specialists in the design and construction of bioclimatic houses .

Why build or restore housing in a bioclimatic house?

Bioclimatic architecture is the design of buildings taking into account climatic conditions, using available resources: sun, vegetation, rain and wind. A bioclimatic house serves both to reduce the environmental impact and to save energy.

We think that the use of environmental factors for the comfort in your house leads to cutting their energy consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced and contributes to optimal and sustainable use of natural resources. Thus, a house becomes a comfortable place to be heated by natural elements, which has a positive effect on the health of its inhabitants, in addition to its contribution to the environment .

We also consider the impact on the salubrity of buildings, through improved thermal comfort , control of CO2 levels in the interior, more light and the use of non-toxic building materials supported by environmental declarations for so you could say that our bioclimatic houses are also healthy homes.

Examples of bioclimatic house made by AKTUA:



Otras casas bioclimáticas