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Ecological houses

When we build and project a home, AKTUA takes into account both the client’s needs and the environmental impact of the future construction. That is why we have become experts on ecological houses, as we think the combination of natural materials, alternative energies, a good orientation and biohabitability will transform a house into a home.

Why building or refurbishing a home as an ecological house?

An ecological house respects the environment and generates a minimal impact on the space where it is built. Furthermore, when we deal with healthy houses, we know that they help to improve the health and life quality of the people who live in them.

 If you are more interested in the economy, an ecological house will help you to save a lot of money in energy, as ecological houses usually have installations such as water-solar heatings, architectural techniques to maintain cold in summer and heat in winter, own installations of alternative energies and many other options.

 Some examples of AKTUA ecological houses:

In AKTUA we have years of experience in the projection and execution of ecological houses. We can help you both in the design and the construction. If you want to have further information, you can see these two examples;