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Healthy houses

When we build and proyect a home, AKTUA takes into account both the client’s needs and the environmental impact upon the future construction. That is why we have become experts on healthy  houses, because we think that the combination of natural materials, alternative energies, good orientation and biohabitability will transform a house into a home.

Why should we build or refurbish a home as a healthy house?

A healthy house does not have any negative influence on its inhabitants, so there is a way back to the fundamental values of the human being’s nature. The interaction of multiple factors takes place, such as the site’s election, home’s orientation, geobiology, artificial radiations, the election of the energies required to achieve comfort, and the construction materials free from toxic substances.

A healthy house does not have geopathogenic alterations. Among these alterations we can find: high levels of static electricity, electric fields of high voltage, high levels of radiation, electromagnetic radiation, etc…

In AKTUA we project and execute new constructions and refurbishments taking into account aspects such as geobiology and biohabitability. We build healthy houses where your family can live without damaging surrounding elements.

This healthy houses are appropriate to people who suffer from the MCS, Multiple Chemistry Sensibility, as they are free of any toxic material.

Examples of healthy houses AKTUA: