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Sustainable houses

Sustainability is a core value of our organization and any decision we take is based on it.

When designing and building a house, AKTUA takes into account both the needs of its customers and the environmental impact of future construction . Therefore, we have become specialists in sustainable houses, because we think that the combination of natural materials, alternative energy, good placement according to the sun and biohabitability will turn a house into a home.

Why build or refurbish your house as a sustainable house?

The ideal sustainable house is a bioclimatic house, a building that takes advantage of natural conditions to reduce as much as possible energy needs. Not only that, built with the bioconstruction criteria becomes a healthy home, helps improve the health and quality of life of those living in it.

In the economic aspect, a sustainable house will help you save a lot of money on energy, since it has facilities in high yields with contribution of renewable energies and passive architectural techniques to keep cold in summer and warm in winter, that make your house consume less energy.

Some AKTUA sustainable houses