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Sustainable houses: floor insulation

In the sustainable houses we execute the best insulation of the floor is to take distance from the terrain. Here we are going to talk about the recycled polypropylene unrecoverable formwork systems.

This system creates an air chamber that separates the house floor from the terrain, making an insulation from the cold and the humidity of the terrain.


  • Elevated floors
  • Light roofs
  • Growth of floor level
  • Refrigerated and industrial sheds
  • Restoration

The recycled polypropylene unrecoverable formwork system has multiple advantages from other traditional systems: light weight, easy assemblage, suitable for different geometries and it is possible to fit installations.

The polypropylene recycled module is made of different non toxic recycled plastic materials of high resilience unalterable with the time.

AKTUA has used this system in the restoration we are executing now of the building Casa Abadía in Valencia on the ground floor.








You can see this system also in the sustainable house in Serra, Valencia



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