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Thing global, eat local: seasonal products

We were interested to develop a calendar of seasonal products of the earth, but we have found in Opcions magazine a calendar with a very beautiful design and we want to share with you .

From Aktua we believe in eating foods of our immediate environment and not consume all the food throughout the year. This leads to an increase in the carbon footprint in the transport of food and those grown in other climates and using toxic products that lengthen their time consumption. If the products we consume are those of our land, we will eat higher quality food that occur next to our house. So you do not have to assume transport costs and can eat freshly harvested . Even if they may lack chemical treatments and be ecological it would be super.

This happens the same with the materials for the construction of buildings. If we use materials from our environment we are contributing to the sustainability of the planet , but if we use natural products it also has a beneficial effect on our nature , as if we eat organic food.

Here we share with you the calendar in this link: http://gcaj.cntjaen.org.es/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/CalendarioTemporada.pdf


Now it is the time of eating ORANGES, ASPARAGUS, CAULIFLOWER, BEANS, LETTUCE and much more. Have a look and consume seasonal food.

Think global, eat local.




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