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Why lime mortars?

 Last week we were in Nájera, La Rioja, learning more about lime mortars and other techniques by the hand of Laurent Coquemont, professional expert of traditional construction techniques, and the Museum of Cal of Moron, which is dedicated to the promotion and care of the lime from Morón, declared in 2011 by UNESCO intangible Cultural Heritage.

Why lime mortars?

Lime is a natural material derived from the calcium carbonate stone that into the kiln heated to 1000 ° C results lime stone, which is subsequently used in construction.

  • Positive carbon footprint: depending on the source of lime, if the lime is produced in a traditional kiln with biomass fuel it will have a zero balance in their CO2 emissions. Lime in later life absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere and so they also have a zero balance in terms of CO2 emissions.
  • Breathability: lime plasters allow stays breathe because is water vapor permeable and does not accumulate in the interior environment, which makes this healthy and preventing the occurrence of molds and fungi.  Furthermore, with regard to diseases caused by rising damp lime has a large capillary network that allows moisture to escape and no stains are created by moisture and salts.

Lime mortars in rehabilitation: traditional construction has been done for centuries with the materials we had on our environment: earth, stone, wood, … so that the interiors of our homes interiors were healthy because they breathed. The renovation of indoor air was continuously so there was no accumulation of mold, fungi or bacteria that affect our health. If we intervene in these buildings with plastic materials that prevent air this renewal will arise many diseases due to poor repair of healthy buildings.

The lime is no longer used in construction because it has dominated the build quickly and constructive solutions perform poorly executed with visually acceptable and lasting results.  At the cost of what? The use of chemicals and toxic products that do not care natural resources or energy or health of people.





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