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AKTUA is your team specialized in construction and architecture with bioconstruction criteria.
If you want to make a work of this kind, please contact us .
From architectural design to execution of the work, with material means and own labor .

What is bioconstruction?

Bioconstruction is based on the holistic relationship between human beings and their built environment. Bioconstruction buildings minimizes the impact of buildings on the environment and on its inhabitants.

In bioconstruction multiple factors are studied , from the study of the environment where the building is located, to the situation of the furniture, to a bioclimatic design and choice of building materials and systems.

The importance of bioconstruction materials

Bioconstruction materials have low environmental impact, both in its origin and behavior, such as recycling. It works with building materials easily accessible from the nearest environment where durability properties, hygroscopicity, isolation and recycling are measured .

The green roofs in green building

Green roofs have become a common factor in our bioconstruction projects. This system is chosen for its precast origin and greater thermal insulation properties, in addition to its contribution to the environment to replace the vegetation that detracts from the building . Storing rainwater serving, apart from the maintenance of the species cover,  garden irrigation in some cases and in others to use the toilets in the house.

Other themes related to bioconstruction:

New buildings

Energy restoration


Bio habitability

Feng Shui


AKTUA works with bioconstruction criteria:

Bioclimatic house in Calomarde, Teruel